Hit or Flop. Startup Overview. Part 9

It seems to me, sellers form the past would have a deal with the devil just to benefit from all perks and award-winning features delivered by smartphones.

Despite the fact, mobile devices are designed to make consumers’ lives easier, they certainly come with essential benefits for retailers as well.

Having a smartphone means fast and secure payments on the go, virtual assistants, digital ad and marketing campaigns, integration with point of sale systems, and more. It means that smartphones are even more handful tool in retailers’ hands rather than casual users. This time, I have reviewed some startups that are based on innovative mobile technologies. Some of them are nothing but a flop while others have a good chance to succeed.

UPSIE – Warranty App

The application is mainly focused on selling warranties. Let’s say, you buy an electronic device despite the country, gadget type or location. What would you do if the producer does not provide warranty or it is too expensive? This is where UPSIE application might help.

It buys warranties from official manufacturers and offers it to customers at a lower price. The process is handled via a mobile app, which is not intrusive and easy to use. You are not obliged to buy a warranty. Use the application only if you need it. UPSIE stores your recipes as well as barcode scan copies with the purchase date, type of gadget, etc. The startup has raised $4.2 million of investments.

The verdict: the project is developing rapidly while the amount of electronic device requiring maintenance is growing.

Wonder Free Trial Sharing Platform

Wonder startup makes its first step towards a so-called sharing economics. The idea is to let potential customers try some advanced tools and technologies free within a free trial period. As a rule, it lasts for several days making it easy for clients to understand whether they need the tool or not.

The more people will be able to try new innovations the more rapidly new technologies will evolve. In other words, there is always some space for effective feedback as well as for another technological breakthrough. For instance, a new drone has recently rolled out. A customer can order it and use for a month at no cost. Sounds pretty altruistic, doesn’t it.

The verdict: obviously a hit if it is supported by a huge high-tech giant. It will be hard for developers to promote the startup on their own.

BuzzStreets Introducing Door-to-Door Navigation

Hailing from Portugal, BuzzStreets is the new platform that introduces a door-to-door navigation concept. technology may seem to be pretty mundane with only one exception. The new platform boasts extreme positioning accuracy, which is even better than in GPS.

The tool appears to be a comprehensive consumers’ guide that will take them directly to the sales point whether they want a cup of coffee or buy designer clothes. BuzzStreets might stand out thanks to its award-winning combination of indoor and outdoor navigation tools. Nothing is known about the investments volume.

The verdict: probably a flop. Once again, it all depends on the implementation methods. The idea of guiding a customer from his or her directly to the needed product is brilliant. However, it is doomed to failure in case of the slightest error or malfunctions.

Soundpays – Innovative Payment Method

This time we are reviewing a Canadian startup also known as Soundpays. It has already made a name for itself by using sound waves transmitted from billboards, LED TVs and other advertising channels directly to customers’ smartphones with an offer to buy a particular service or product.

If a user likes the product, he or she can purchase it with just a click. All you need is to insert payment info in advanced to benefit from the instant and seamless transaction. The system is available for both in-store and eCommerce concepts.

The current investment volume is $520,000. Soundpays is actually the first mobile payment solution that uses sound waves for transactions. It uses advanced and secure technologies letting retailers sell goods remotely without installing additional soft or hardware.

The verdict: it’s a hit n case of stable and secure operations.

Mobmerry for Mobile Product Search

Mobmerry is a lifestyle and retail application that lets the user find products and venues that meet their likes and preferences. The app works on a single-window basis and provides access to various niches that might be of great interest for a casual citizen.

The system examines a user’s habits, likes, and interests. It generates info from social profiles and other accounts to make a personalized list of products to buy or places to visit. The platform is synchronized with hundreds of stores, cafes, cinemas, and other places with user-friendly navigation and in-built easy-to-use payment system with integrated shipment options.

Mobmerry boasts up to 800 downloads per month while nothing is known about the investments.

The verdict: there is a high risk of failure, as the project requires huge investments to grow and expand. Otherwise, it will be nothing but a promising startup.

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