Hit or Flop. Startup Overview. Part 12

Brick-to-mortar retailers more and more challenges in the face of new competitors able to bring customers experience to a new level. Consumers crave for goods they need whenever they want despite the location.

The slightest delay or communication malfunction will result in customers walking away. The key to success for retailers is to deliver customers the experience that is simple, smart, and personalized. For this reason, major companies invest in new technologies that appear to be the essential background to grow retail projects.

GolnStore – Single Space for Digital and Physical Retail

Hailing from London, GolnStore startup has recently introduced its service designed to link consumers and online assistants in offline shops. As a result, we have a single space that combines digital services in physical sales points. Visitors can benefit from multiple communication means ranging from traditional messengers and chats to smart-glasses ensuring a virtual presence inside the shop.

Business owners have a chance to track their visitors’ habits and activities. The system generates real-time reports highlighting purchasing history, products bought, website surfing, etc. Such data is inevitable when it comes to improving customer service.

The verdict: the startup is certainly a hit. It establishes a customer-oriented approach delivering all necessary features and tools out of the box. For consumers, it comes as a handy instrument to check with the shop’s product range on the go.

Kout – “Buy & Win” Approach

Kout is a unique marketplace with some exclusive features to look for. At first sight, it may seem to be a simple product aggregator that generates info from various sources. However, it takes consumers by surprise when offering instant scratch lotteries every time they purchase a particular good.

The system offers various prizes including discounts that may range from 2% to 99%. The more times a user logs in to buy something, the higher discount he or she may get. It took $150,000 to invest in the first round.

The verdict: obviously a hit! An award-winning idea of encouraging customers to buy more products in the long run and award them with discounts on products they need every day.

Conversable Speaks Customers Minds

Designed to link brands and customers through major communication channels, Conversable service uses the biggest social and messaging systems such as Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and Amazon Echo bringing them to one place and forming a single ultimate interaction platform. The system uses advanced technologies that look more up-to-date if compared to typical chatbots.

They make it possible to extend the set of interaction instruments providing full access to content, purchase support, and product maintenance.

The verdict: the project has already hit the market and is used by such industry leaders as Whole Foods and Pizza Hut boasting $4 million in revenue.

UserEngage –  Enhanced Customer Interaction Tool

UserEngage is a marketing automation tool that boasts improved customer’s personalization. It lets companies establish an individual approach to every client and shows how retail can improve the quality of understanding customers’ demands.

How is it possible? The system tracks, stores and analyzes each and every episode of customers’ interaction. It uses chats, emails, phone calls, and other communication sources to generate necessary data. The main advantage of the service is its flexibility. The platform is compatible with all major web platforms making it easy for retailers to integrate it with WordPress, Slack, Open Cart, MailChimp, Shopify, etc.

As a result, we have an ultimate instrument that interacts with the customers’ base sing 9 different channels in addition to target audience segmentation, email marketing optimization, SSM strategies and text messaging.

The verdict: probably a hit. Although we may find dozens of services alike, this one has already been launched and used by some retailers. It means that UserEngage might hit the headlines in the nearest future. Experts note it has a user-friendly interface, which is great for newbies.

CARTBEAT – The Consequence of Failure

CARTBEAT is another promising startup designed to let users synchronize their shopping carts on various devices. In other words, you can use the smartphone to browse the products while on your way home and complete the purchase from your PC or laptop before going to sleep.

There is no need to log in and pick the necessary goods again. The platform uses special protocols to pair all devices you use when surfing the net.

The verdict: flop! The project has actually failed. The recent updates and features look quite doubtful especially if compared to more advanced multi-level synchronization platforms. For instance, some projects let users log in from several devices as well as keep products in the cart longer.

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