Hit or Flop. Startup Overview. Part 7

This time we will discuss some promising startup that might look pretty exclusive at first sight. However, they still have great potential in case of proper implementation and enough investments to bring those ideas to a higher level.

Ready-Made AI Solution for Fashion Retail

What might look like a typical startup for fashion retail may eventually grow into a huge hit. Savitude is the project that has managed to raise $600,000 of investments although the idea is not quite new to the industry.

With so many competitors and apps available in the niche, it seems strange how the startup may actually become a hit. Well, the core difference is the fact that the platform is perfect for companies that do not want to invest in developing their own custom solutions. Savitude is a ready-to-use AI-based instrument that was designed to help cut down costs.

The verdict: it might be a hit considering its innovative approach and simple integration into an already existing business model.

Twice Higher Revenues

CCTV cameras are hardly new to the retail industry. They are installed in numerous shops across the world. Sensei startup introduced a new way of using those cameras. The idea is pretty simple. Not only they handle their prior tasks but also appear to be an info channel that delivers customers’ insights 24/7.

For instance, Sensei cameras notice more moms with children at the start of the day entering a store. The ai-based platform sends notifications and personalized offers to a particular target audience. Moreover, the system is able to generate weekly and monthly reports featuring heat maps that divide customers by gender or other categories and show clients who made the purchase or not.

The Portuguese startup has great potential and award-winning idea. It managed to raise $500,000 of investments.

The verdict: certainly a hit. Using baseline equipment for marketing goals is great. On the other hand, the project will require huge investments in addition to extra resources.

Turn Photos into Videos Effortlessly

A customer may read thousands of positive reviews and testimonials. However, he or she will never purchase a product without a proper image of it. Visibility and proper product introduction are the dominating force when it comes to eCommerce.

Practically all retailers take care of product images providing high-quality photos and other media content. On the other hand, a few are able to shoot engaging videos. StoryExpress startup might be a good solution to the problem.

The main idea is to turn images from the company’s portfolio into a stunning video. In other words, you do not have to create video content from scratch. The tool will do it for you using existing images and letting you drastically reduce the cost.

The startup boasts $235,000 of investments.

The verdict: obviously a hit, as video content rules when it comes to users’ acquisition. Unfortunately, small and medium retailers underestimate its role. The startup might change the situation.

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