Hit or Flop. Startup Overview. Part 8

The more I do the startup research, the clearer I understand that medium projects with not enough investments for a medium consumer are doomed to failure before the launch. You may bring a flawless platform to life targeting millions of low-budget consumers. Unfortunately, it will never work out only because it is “medium”.

Voice Orders for Retail

AddStructure is a good example of a company that developers worthy products for business. This time it has launched a new tool to make the process of placing orders online as easy for customers as possible. The platform supports different languages to meet the demands of clients from different countries. On the other hand, it lets retailers establish better communication with their target audience.

The AI-based instrument consists of three major elements. They include Search, Path and Scaffold. They work on providing product summaries, comparisons, reviews, and testimonials letting customers chose the one they need. They act as digital assistants already implemented by some big industry names from the InternetRetailer 1000 and Fortune 100 lists. The company was acquired by Bazaarvoice for $1.9 million.

The verdict: voice assistants are becoming the dominating force in the retail industry. The project might be a hit. The question is how high it will go.

Sales Point Management

PAZO is a flexible solution to manage a single sales point of the shop as well as the entire mall with multiple stores. The platform represents an advanced CRM solution to monitor customers’ complaints, track working schedules, shifts, product reserves, etc. A core benefit is a communication tool that lets managers report problems directly within the platform.

On the one hand, it helps to reduce the time necessary to resolve the issue. On the other hand, it improves the interaction between various departments as well as the overall service. PAZO might be a good solution for small shops, store chains, malls, franchises, and other players crave for business process digitalizing instead of using brick-to-mortar documentation. The platform has been successfully implemented in over 30 cities across the United States.

The verdict: the project looks pretty typical with no exclusive features to stand out. On the other hand, it might be a hit in case of proper implementation. We’ll have a look at it in a year.

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